Trauma Intervention Programs of Arizona Inc

Citizens Helping Citizens In Crisis

About TIP

Trauma Intervention Programs of Arizona Inc. (TIP) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006. It is associated with a national nonprofit organization called Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc.TIP's primary purpose is to ensure that those who are emotionally traumatized receive the support they need immediately following a crisis event.

The Trauma Intervention Programs of Arizona, Inc. began as the Yavapai Chapter of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc. in 2000. Today, TIP has 50 highly trained and certified individuals that respond to calls by emergency personnel on a 24-hour, 365 day a year basis.

Often, police and firefighters must leave traumatized citizens to fend for themselves. As a result, "abandoned victims" suffer lifelong emotional injuries. Emergency responders are continually frustrated at their inability to help those who are physically uninjured but emotionally traumatized.

Why TIP?

Following a traumatic event, the people involved often feel helpless, confused and experience emotional shock. They are confronted with a situation for which they are totally unprepared. Often, there is no one available in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to guide victims through these difficult hours.

Research indicates people who receive emotional and practical support in the immediate aftermath of a trauma will recover quicker than those who do not. The TIP volunteer, having an understanding of the normal trauma response and EMS system, normalize feelings and predict the process. This necessary temporary support is provided until the person involved in the crisis is able to depend on family, friends, neighbors and others.

When Is TIP Called?

TIP Volunteers are always available. They are called at any time of the day or night 365 days per year by authorized police officers, firefighters and hospital personnel to assist:


Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) volunteers are requested by police, hospital, and fire personnel to respond to emergency scenes and provide immediate emotional and practical support to individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. We believe that no one should be alone during a time of need.

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